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Next Level Technology for Emerging Applications

We are a dynamic aerospace start-up with an ambitious vision for operational wide area surveillance on a truly global scale. In our view, effective and all-weather wide area surveillance is best achieved by relatively small constellations of full size radar satellites with enhanced performance. Our investors see the value of a business model based on public sector clients intent on producing robust and highly capable space infrastructure that will benefit many sectors of their society, including government entities, private enterprises, academia, and the general public. We place demanding and forward-looking user needs at the centre of an Agile, staged strategy to produce the most advanced capabilities at reasonable risk. We see this as the logical way of being first to meet tomorrow's challenges by investing at the leading edge of space-based radar technology. We build on Canadian space heritage significantly enhanced by today's most promising advanced technologies and concepts. We are inspired by the spirit of innovation that that fueled the early years of the RADARSAT program, and we are motivated by urgent global environmental, economic and security challenges that face us all.

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